Family Lawyers

We are experienced in assisting family lawyers in financial remedy proceedings and are well placed to assist you and to add value for your clients in this difficult area.

Our Managing Director, Nigel Bourke, is an affiliate member by examination of Resolution, the family lawyers organisation having completed their Pensions and Divorce course. He is also a regular adviser on Pension on Divorce matters at local collaborative POD (Practice Organisation Development) meetings.

Pension Planning On Divorce

When a marriage or civil partnership breaks down, a pension fund is often one of the major components of the financial settlement. It is important that the treatment of the pension fund is given careful thought and consideration.

We are able to provide advice on the best way to approach settlement. If a transfer value analysis is necessary we can arrange one and report on its relevance and we can advise on offset, earmarking and pension sharing orders.

Where a pension sharing order is awarded we can advise your clients on the best type of scheme to receive the award and can provide the necessary administrative support to complete the transaction. Where a transfer to an individual pension arrangement is necessary we can advise on a suitable investment strategy for your clients, based on their personal circumstances and attitude to investment risk.

Financial Protection

The death or serious illness of a divorced spouse and/or parent can have catastrophic financial consequences for those dependent on them or who have been awarded earmarking orders. Appropriate cover for ongoing and term maintenance payments should be, at least, discussed with and offered to every client at risk. We have access to the whole market for life, critical illness and permanent health insurances and can advise on the appropriate cover for an individual client.