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We’re both a Chartered Financial Planning firm with the CII and an Accredited Financial Planning firm with the CISI.

What does this mean to you?

Our Financial Planners hold advanced qualifications and we continuously meet the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, demonstrating excellence in everything that we do.

How we do it

You matter to us like a family member.

We help all kinds of people, with all kinds of concerns to plan for the lifestyle they want. And we treat each one of them as we would a member of our family.

Our clients entrust us with their dreams and aspirations, and share the memories that they want to create. Of course, our role as professionals is to honour their trust and uphold the highest standards. But equally important to us is the personal relationship we build with you over time. A relationship with us that often extends to your partner and children.

You won’t find case histories here, or even testimonials. Because client confidentiality means everything to us.

Many professional advisers show client case histories on their websites. We don’t. Because our goal is to put your interests first, not our own.

Here the kind of concerns clients come to us with

There’s huge peace of mind to be gained from feeling in control of your retirement plans. We’ll start by making a detailed analysis of your current financial situation and existing provisions. Then we’ll create a visual cash flow model together with a detailed plan that matches your retirement aspirations.

We know how important it is to have professional advice you can count on. Together, we’ll develop a relationship, so we can best understand what’s most important to you and your family. By identifying your priorities in life, we’ll use our expertise to structure your finances to meet those priorities. However complex your circumstances may be, our role is to make life simple and enjoyable.

You’re not alone. Many of our clients have similar priorities. It’s why we’ve created sustainable investment strategies that capture the key factors of investment return. So you can choose to invest in funds that:

  • demonstrate strict consideration for the environment
  • monitor how companies look after their workers
  • conform to corporate social responsibility policies
  • have to account for their actions of a board under governance.

We’ll be able to decipher which allowances you should use based on your objectives and financial position. That’s including the allowances from your company, your personal allowances and allowances between you and your spouse. You can rest assured that we’re running all your finances as tax efficiently as possible.

We’ll start by working out how much inheritance tax or lifetime allowance charges they may be liable to pay on your death. Then we’ll look at how to mitigate them. We’ll do this in partnership with you, by holding family meetings to discuss intergenerational planning and potential gifts. By working as a family unit, you can be sure that each member has the financial knowledge to manage their inheritance.

Dealing with complex financial affairs alone, especially when it’s all new to you, can feel like a heavy burden. We’ll partner with you, guiding and advising, so you can make informed decisions with confidence. We’ll help you take a range of considerations into account, including financing future care, should you need it. You can trust us to look after all the paperwork and to be on hand to support you in the years ahead. So you can look forward to a comfortable future.

Absolutely. Planning for the sale of a business is an exceptional life event. In our experience, the majority of business owners work exceptionally hard and make great sacrifices, so that their families don’t have to. We’ll work with you to help you understand the minimum amount of money you’d need from a sale to give your family the quality of life that you want for them. Then, should you decide to sell, we’ll act on those plans to deliver precisely that.

Yes, we’d be happy to. From the outset, what’s most important to us, is to understand what’s most important to you. Once we appreciate your needs in depth, we can work closely with your existing advisers. Alternatively, and where appropriate, we can help you appoint the high-quality professionals you need. Once we’re established as your main point of contact, you only need to communicate with us – we’ll do the rest.

This is a frequent concern for parents and grandparents. There’s no hard and fast rule as to when to gift money because all young people mature at different rates. One key deciding factor, however, is an individual’s financial awareness. One of the skills we’ve enjoyed developing here at Mercury is the provision of financial education to the next generation. We can give your family members a solid grounding in planning their finances, so they know how to handle money. Equally important, we can recommend suitable investment vehicles should you want to remain in control for the time being.

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